Alex Gibson solo

Description: Handsome young footballer Alex Gibson strips off his sports kit to reveal his fit hairy body, with throbbing hard bulge in his briefs.. taking out his thick juicy uncut dick, keeping it wet with loads of spit, he jerks off in different positions before shooting buckets of cum..Alex starts off on the sofa, in red and white adidas sports kit, and red football socks. He is a really horny lad, and as soon as he starts to stroke his crotch, he gets a stiffie in his shorts. Removing his top, Alex reveals his nicely hairy chest. His legs are really hairy too. He tweaks his nipples a bit, and goes back to his rock solid bulge, stroking and squeezing it. He pulls down his shorts, and his hardon is straining against the fabric of his white cotton briefs. He rubs his throbbing bulge some more, taking his time, getting more and more horny, and giving us sexy little looks to camera. Finally, he peels down his briefs, and his cock springs out, leaving him in just his red football socks. Alex has a perfect dick, about seven and a half inches, uncut and pretty thick. He slowly slides his foreskin back and forth over the end of his dick, which is moist with precum. He holds his cock steady for us, giving us some horny close ups. He jerks off a bit, then gets a big blob of spit onto his fingertips, and rubs it into his cock head. Its one of those rock hard dicks that is so solid, it never goes down. Occasionally playing with his nipples, Alex jerks off on the sofa for us, frequently adding more spit to his moist juicy dick, and he keeps the cock play really horny, slow, holding his cock up for us, and giving us sexy little looks. He stands up now, jerks off some more, then drops more strings of drool onto the end of his dick, massaging it in.. He plays with his nipples with both hands, giving us some really hot low angle hands free shots of that thick girthy dick as it points straight up, then goes back to jerking off..Alex starts to get himself closer to orgasm now, wanking harder and faster.. his muscles start to tense as he beats away at his meat, standing over us.. After a few more seconds of hard wanking, the spunk starts to pour, with a couple of strong jets of white jizz, followed by stream after stream of cum as he pumps out a really huge load.. Its such a horny cum shot, we see it twice, in real time and then in hot slow motion..

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