Beyond Say Knowles

Description: After making quite the impression on ExtraBigDicks, Prague's wonder boy, Lucas Knowles will make his much anticipated debut this week here on Lucas is 32 and now calls Los Angeles home. His hair is a bit longer and he's rockin a sexy beard that's workin' rather nicely. Helping us welcome him is a 22 year old hottie from Long Boat Key, FL, Ridge Michaels. Ridge is in for a treat today as Lucas who fucked hung Mason Coxx last he was here agreed to take one for the team. We asked these two studs with the end of the year approaching if there was anything they wanted to do before years end. Ridge would love to sky dive while Lucas would just love to clean his room. Lucas admits to being more versatile in his personal life as opposed to mostly being a top on film. Ridge is mostly bottom on and off cam. We then asked them to describe the perfect cocks in their opinion. The grass is always greener as Lucas, who has a thick, uncut cock likes his meat cut with large protruding veins. He guesses it's from all the cut guys he fooled around with growing up. Ridge as well loves the opposite of what he has and is totally into foreskin and the smooth feel of it. Well, today we have something for everyone. Lucas and Ridge are on the couch as they get to know each other tongues first. As they make out Lucas' thick uncut cock gets rock hard and just out of his soft sweats. Those flimsy shorts can't contain his 'excitement' know. They stand and continue to make out as their clothes start to come off. Lucas heads south to check out all Ridge has to offer and gets busy. He opens wide and takes Ridge's dick in his mouth. Ridge moans as he watches Lucas go to town on his throbbing cock. 'Take it all the way in your mouth' Ridge coos as he shoves his dick deep. Lucas strokes his own swollen cock as he gets that hot face fucked. Ridge grabs hold of Lucas' head and jack hammers his cock down his throat as Lucas takes it deep. Ridge then gets Lucas on the couch so that he can have some alone time with that foreskin he's been dreaming of. He savors every inch as he teases Lucas' uncut shaft. Lucas lies back and watches his dick disappear down Ridge's throat. Lucas then stands up to give Ridge better access. Ridge sucks that dick some more before getting Lucas on all four on the couch to get at that sweet ass of his. Now it's Lucas that's moaning as his ass gets a tongue full from Ridge.Lucas arches his back getting that sweet ass up in the air to give Ridge all the access he needs. Ridge is rock hard and wants in. He grabs Lucas' legs and holds them up as he slides his cock inside. 'Show me what you got' Lucas order

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