Chris and Max Go At It!

Description: Chris Jett is sporting a new haircut but he's got the same appetite for sex! He sucks Max Martin's dick before sticking his down Max's throat, the same way he sticks it up his ass. Max groans as Chris works his ass, first in doggy and then on his back. While stroking his cock and getting fucked, he shoots his load all over his stomach before Chris covers his chest and chin in cum.If you think Chris Jett's mohawk is the strangest thing about him, guess again! This twenty year old is not only a bisexual who collects cars, he's also married and loves sticking things up his butt! His wife may be the one fucking his ass at home, but with a tight body and killer abs like his, we want to see our guys have a go.We like young men who pay their own bills, we like it even better when they do it stripping or making porn. Max Martin does both, when he's not shaking his moneymaker for tips, he's with us putting it to good use!

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