Daniel J & Jack J

Description: Aggressive top Daniel Johnson pushes cute little blonde lad Jack James to his limits, fucking his mouth & throat with his big thick dick, gets his arse licked, fingers Jacks hole, then fucks him hard in three positions before spunking into his mouth.. Intense.Jack James is a cute young, willing eager bottom, and he totally submits to Daniel Johnsons hard aggressive dominance in this awesome video. The lads start off standing, with tall strong top Daniel in white sports shorts and little Jack in just a jockstrap. Jack starts to rub Daniels bulge whilst licking his nipples.. Daniels bulge grows in his shorts.. He flexes his bicep and tells Jack to lick his hairy armpit, which he does, getting his tongue right in there... Daniel tells him to get down on his knees, and he obeys, and gets back to rubbing the solid stiffie in Daniels shorts, gripping it and squeezing it, making it throb.. He pulls down Daniels shorts, and gets a feel of the big dick as it strains against the fabric of Daniel tight white boxers. After a little more groping, Jack pulls down the undies, and Daniels thick uncut dick springs out.. His pubes are bushy and manly and his balls are big heavy low hangers.. Jack starts to suck on the end of Daniels cock, jerking him off gently as he gets it good and wet.. then he starts to suck deeper, straining to get as much of it down as he can, managing to get most of it.. Daniel grips his head, making him carry on sucking deep, pushing it deeper. Jack struggles a bit then gets it right down his throat, all the way to Daniels big balls, making him moan with pleasure. Jack gets into some awesome deepthroat action, as he slurps on the entire length of that big meat. Daniel keeps up the pressure, then starts to fuck Jacks mouth and throat.. it gets pretty noisy as Daniel is pretty aggressive with it, pounding the back of Jacks throat..They move to the sofa, with Daniel laying back, holding his cock upright, and Jack laying on his front to do some more deep wet sucking.. He starts slow at first, getting his throat used to it again, warming himself up to it, and as he slurps on the thick dick, Daniel reaches around to get a feel of his smooth arse.. Jack helps him by reaching back with one hand to pull his butt cheek wide apart, exposing his hairless hole.. Daniel pushes a finger in, and with the other hand, pushes JAcks head down deep on his cock.. then Daniel grips Jacks head to fuck his mouth again..Daniel tells Jack to lick his arse, and pushes him onto the floor, on his back, and squats down over his face, leaning his body back on the sofa.. Being a good obediant lad, Jack does as he is told, and gets to work licking Daniels hairy hole, getting his tongue right in there.. it makes Daniels dick throb and twitch, and Jack reaches for it to play with it and jerk him off as he licks his arse.. Eager to work on Jacks tight little hole, Daniel gets him back on the sofa on all fours, spreads his smooth butt cheeks and spits onto his hole, pulling it apart with his hands, then pushes a finger in, and starts fingering him deep, opening him up, preparing him for whats to come..Jack is leaning against the sofa, legs apart, with Daniel standing behind him. He slides his dick back and forth between Jacks butt cheeks, then pushes his dick all the way in and holds it there making Jack gasp a bit.. gripping his small waist, Daniel starts to fuck him with long strokes, showing plenty of length.. he keeps it steady at first, then starts to fuck harder.. Jack takes it really well as Daniel builds up to a real pounding. Next, the lads are on the sofa, with Daniel kneeling and Jack on his back with his legs apart, held right back. Daniel thrusts with strong energy, giving Jacks butt a real good workout, then he grips him by the ankles to change the angle slightly, making his dick throb, and fucks him a bit harder.. some great fucking here, but Daniel is not quite done yet..For a final position, Jack is on his side, with Daniel on his side behind him, spoons position, and Daniel pushes his stiff dick back into Jacks hot hungry hole and he gets back into a good strong rhythm, thrusting his meat in and out as he holds Jacks leg up. Jack is so ready to cum, his cock is leaking precum over his tummy.. Daniel carries on with strong hard fucking, till Jack cant hold back anymore, and suddenly cum starts pumping out of his dick, dribbling down over his fingers.. Daniel pulls out, and pulls off the condom, getting up onto his knees as Jack positions himself underneath, mouth open and ready to take Daniels load.. it doesnt take long, as Daniel beats away for just a moment, and then cums, his spunk dribbling down onto Jacks tongue.. He wipes some of it from the end of his cock and puts it into Jacks mouth, making him taste it, then Jack licks up the remaining spunk from Daniels dick..

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