Flat Tire Boys

Description: When your tire is flat, and you are stuck on some desolate street, don't lose hope. There may just be a knight on a shiny bicycle to lend you a helping hand...and maybe even a little something more. That seems to be the moral of this passionate video featuring 2 star crossed Japanese lovers, Kento and Yuya. The video starts as Yuya finds himself in a rut..his bicycle tire is flat and he has no idea what to do to fix it. Fortunately, Kento was riding home from college when he noticed sweet Yuya struggling with his bicycle. He reached into his bag where he pulled out a trusty tire pump, and pumped this boy's tire up good. I bet you can guess this isn't the only sort of pumping that is going to be going on... After the bicycle is fixed, Yuya invites Kento over for a nice cool beer, and soon the 2 sweethearts ride away into the setting sun. Back in Yuya's apartment, he hands Kento a beer. Kento proceeds to spill the beer all over himself, but Yuya just scoops it away and the 2 start to drink and share stories. It's not long before Yuya's hand is on Kento's leg. The 2 share a nervous but sweet kiss. Soon Yuya is unbuttoning Kento's trousers and sucking on his cock. What follows is some sweet, sweet lovemaking with Yuya on the top as he gives this boy's beautiful ass a great pounding, Kento loving every minute of the ride. He pumps that ass so hard you can see the sweat on his brow as he's pounding (told you there would be some pumping). Finally, he pulls out his dick and shoots a load all over his ass and back. The 2 finish their lovemaking with some sweet and lovely kisses. Kento fixed his flat tire and rode his way into Yuya's heart.

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