Guy Rogers & Theo Reid

Description: Handsome hairy athletic Guy gets a mouthful and arseful of sexy muscled Theos thick girthy uncut cock in this super hot scene, with great oral action, rimming and passionate fucking in 3 positions.. Theo jerks Guy off and makes him cum whilst pounding him before shooting his own big powerful load. Our buff lads start off on the sofa, barechested in shiny sports shorts, both lads have seriously fit bodies, Guy has hairy chest and powerful hairy legs, and Theo is smooth, tanned and muscled.. they take turns sucking on each others nipples whilst massaging each others crotches, and Theo gets a really big thick bulge in his shorts as Guy rubs and squeezes it.. Guy pulls down Theos shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, his meaty package straining to get out.. Guy rubs it some more, then pulls down Theos undies and takes hold of his super thick uncut dick, and slides his ample foreskin back to lick the bulging head.. he gets it good and wet, then starts sucking nice and slow, the meaty girth filling his mouth so he really has to stretch his jaw wide to get it all in.. hot..Theo holds the back of Guys head and pushes it down on his fat dick, making him struggle a little.. Guy lays back, eager to get sucked himself, and Theo plays with the hard bulge in Guys undies before pulling them down. Theo gets right down to some seriously great oral action, sucking Guys stiff cock all the way to the base with slow deep strokes, then jerks him off rolling his tongue around the head, before getting back to some amazing effortless deepthroat. They lay back on the sofa together, jerking each other off, then Theo stands up, and Guy gets down on his knees to get that girthy meat back into his mouth. As before, he gets it good and wet, jerking him off, licking the head, then opens his mouth wide to get as much of that thick cock down his throat as he can handle. Theo pushes him a little, gripping his head to push it in as far as it will go..Feeling horny to fuck now, Guy leans against the sofa, giving us a very hot shot of his perfect arse and very muscular hairy legs. Theo rubs his butt cheeks a little, the prises them apart to expose his hairy hole, before getting down on his knees to bury his face between those muscular arse cheeks. He pulls Guys butt cheeks apart and licks his hole, giving him a good hot rimming. With Guy leaning against the sofa, Theo rubs his throbbing cock up and down between Guys butt cheeks, then eases his thick dick in, just halfway, letting Guy get used to the thickness.. Theo pushes it all the way in, then starts fucking slowly, and Guy lets out some horny gasps of pleasure. Theo starts fucking a little harder now, gripping Guy by the waist as he thrusts his big meat in and out. Next, the lads are laying on the floor on their sides, in a spoons position, with Guy at the front, facing us. Theo pushes his cock back into Guys hairy arse, and lifts his leg up to get in deeper. His dick looks seriously meaty in this position as he fucks Guy while rubbing his hands over Guys hot body, feeling his hairy chest and legs, playing with his nipples as he pumps his dick in to him. For a final position, Guy is on his back with Theo kneeling. He inserts his cock for the last time, and gets right down to some great fuck action, fucking him harder now. It seems to really hit the spot in this position, and Guy tells him he could cum without touching himself.. Theo continues fucking him hard with long deep strokes, then takes hold of Guys dick and starts jerking him off as he fucks him.. it doesnt take long.. moments later thick white spunk starts pumping out of his dick, landing in thick strings over his hairy chest and abs.. Theo makes sure he milks every last drop before pulling out. He moves over to the sofa and lays back to jerk himself off, with Guy laying next to him playing with his nipples.. Theo builds up quickly, the nuscles in his legs and pecs bulge and tighten, his breathing gets louder and heavier, and then he shoots a good spray of jizz right up his chest, followed by a few more squirts, leaving him covered in hot sticky spunk.

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