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Description: P-Town's hottest representative is with us this week as we welcome back Brock Russell. Brock is now clean shaven and pumped. He is a personal trainer so he's used his powers for some delicious self improvement. Brock's been on several of our sites and today he's going to take a walk on the larger side of life. Today he will be 'treated' to something of a younger variety. Tommy Defendi, now 22, is the 'coque du jour'. Tommy admits he's been with older guys on occasion and he loves the fact that older guys know what they're doing. Tommy is sporting facial hair this time and not the clean-shaven jock look he usually treats the boys over at to. The five o'clock shadow is working wonders for the ex-Florida boy. Tommy's career keeps him moving around and at 22 he's still relatively new to the 'gay' thing. He was exclusively a ladies man for his first 19 years. From the way Tommy's 9.5' cock was throbbing extra thick, we can tell that not only is the guy thing working for him but the older men seem to have that added a kick that makes his dick extra hard. As far as Brock's concerned we quote: 'Anytime, any place, anywhere-and I mean that!

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