Jeff S & Guy R

Description: Big beefy Jeff and handsome hairy Guy have a passionate sucking session, taking turns on each others stiff dicks, getting them right down into their throats with some hot face fucking, and some great arse play too, as Jeff licks and fingers Guys hairy muscular arse.. climaxing with a hot & messy cum facial.. Tasty!The lads start off standing, in shiny adidas sports kit, getting a good feel of each others cocks as they grope the bulges in their shorts. Some passionate kissing, then Jeff lifts his top to reveal his broad beefy chest, with tattoos, and Guy wastes no time getting in there to lick and suck on Jeffs pierced nipples as he rubs his cock. He takes off his sports vest and gets Guy to sniff and lick his armpits.Jeff removes Guys top, his chest and armpits are very hairy, and he has a seriously fit body. Jeff licks his nipples, then turns him around to show us Guys fit arse, pulling his black shiny shorts down revealing Guys muscular hairy butt cheeks, which he rubs and squeezes. They kiss a little more, Guys dick and balls hang over the top of his shorts, his pubes are thick and bushy and untrimmed, and he reaches inside Jeffs shorts and pulls out his big thick uncut cock, which hangs thick and heavy, not quite hard yet. Jeff also has manly bushy pubes. Guy plays with Jeffs dick for a moment, then gets down on his knees and starts sucking.. As he sucks it gets harder, and Jeff starts gently fucking his mouth a bit, trying to get it deep down, but Guy cant take it so deep, not yet anyway, and he gags slightly, but he keeps going, and sucks it well. After some very hot sucking, they move to the sofa, Guy gets on all fours, pushing his sexy arse out, and Jeff kneels down behind him and starts kneeding his butt cheeks, then pulls them wide apart exposing Guys hairy hole. Jeff spits onto it, then pushes the spit in with his tongue, giving his hole plenty of good long licks, making Guy moan.. Jeff pushes his thumb in, opening him up, then pushes a finger in, sliding it in and out..With his cock now throbbing, Guy lays back into the corner of the sofa, Jeff lays next to him and starts to suck his stiff dick. He gets it really wet with plenty of spit and slowly starts to work the dick right into the back of his throat, swallowing it all the way to the base, making it throb even harder.. Jeff keeps the sucking wet, slow and deep.. very horny.. then Guy grips his head and pushes his head down on it, then starts fucking his mouth.. this is insanely hot!They kiss some more, jerking themselves off, then its Jeffs turn to get sucked again.. having been sucked so well and so deep, Guy is eager to suck Jeff better this time, and he forces himself down on Jeffs big dick, deeper than before.. Jeff starts fucking his mouth and throat, speeding up till its pretty intense in places.. Guy struggles a bit sometimes, but that just makes it hotter, and with a bit of a firm push from Jeff, he almost manages to swallow his cock right down to the base, with a little more gagging..With both lads ready to shoot their loads, Guy moves around to get his dick sucked one last time, and Jeff jerks himself off as Guy fucks his mouth.. Guy pushes his dick right down Jeffs throat as far as it will go, and holds it there. This pushes Jeff over the edge and his dick starts spouting jets of jizz all over his beefy sweaty abs.. Guy pulls his dick out of Jeffs mouth, and jerks off hard.. a couple of seconds later he starts spunking his load over Jeffs face and into his mouth.. And he shoots REALLY hard, the first couple of squirts go clear over his head, but there is plenty more, and he makes a real mess of Jeffs face and beard.. Tasty stuff.

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