Lloyd Fox solo

Description: Handsome bisexual fittie Lloyd Fox chats first, then strips to his undies, oiling up his nicely muscled body. With a stiff bulge in his briefs, he gets naked, showing off his arse & jerking off in different positions before spunking over his hard six pack. We start off with an interview, and Lloyd has a relaxed, friendly manner, and chats openly about being bisexual, and how he keeps in such great shape, and the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins with Lloyd standing, he gropes himself a bit, then takes off his top, giving us our first glimpse of his awesome body, nicely muscled, not big, but incredible definition, with solid pecs and one of the best six packs Ive ever seen. He rubs some oil into his chest, abs and hairy legs, then goes back to rubbing the bulge in his shiny blue sports shorts, giving us lots of sexy little looks. Lloyd pulls down his shorts, leaving him in a pair of cute white briefs, and he continues groping himself..Lloyd then pulls down his undies, letting his uncut cock spring out. His pubes are bushy and natural, and as he works on his dick, it gets harder. Some nice high angle point of view shots as his cock stiffens, and he jerks off for a bit, giving us plenty of horny shots from different angles. He turns around to show us his arse, its one of those peachy perfect butts, slightly hairy, and he gently strokes it..Lloyd turns around to face us again, and plays with his cock some more. Underneath him now, looking up, his dick is rock solid and throbbing.. Lloyd takes his hand off it, and plays with his nipples, his cock so stiff it points right upwards. He jerks off a little more, then moves over to the sofa, leaning back into the corner, legs apart. He wanks nice and slow for us, sometimes pushing his thumb against the base of his dick to push it forward, making it stick right up, giving us some horny close ups.. more point of view shots too, and some great high angle stuff looking down on him from above, his muscles and definition looking really hot like this. Lloyd starts to speed up a bit now, getting into a good rhythm. As he wanks harder, his muscles begin to tighten and stiffen, his pecs and six pack bulging. His breathing gets louder, you can hear him getting closer, and then thick white creamy jizz starts to pump out, landing in his bushy pubes.. He he catches his breath, Lloyd squeezes out the last few drops of his hot spunk.

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