Open Up and Say, "Ahhh!

Description: After a trip to the dentist, Preston Andrews comes home with an armful of candy. He tells Elijah White his secret is knowing how to open up and say, "ahhh!" The open mouth is an invitation to Elijah and soon enough they're sucking each others big cocks. Preston grimaces as Elijah fucks his ass, but the pain doesn't stop him from cumming! Elijah even shoots well over Preston's head.Meet Elijah White. He's a fan of porn and very happy to be making it now. He has wanted to be a part of the gay porn community since he turned 18 - fantasizing about it all through high school. This cutie loves getting it on with sexy boys and isn't afraid to show closeups of his small physique and sweet little butt.This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.

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