Service Please

Description: Curious, he goes to peek through the curtain he disappeared through, only to find him naked, sat on the couch wanking. They watch each other for a second before Pablo goes in, they kiss, lay down on the couches and starts to strip his customer. Pablo sucks Shane’s already hard cock right down to the base. Shane is very verbal with him, telling him how much he likes it, it’s spurring him on! After some mutual sucking Shane mounts Pablo’s tanned, round arse and thrusts in.  Pablo is lying down on the sofa and has nowhere to go expect push back. Shane slams him before lifting him up and sitting him down on his throbbing dick.  Rocking back and forth, up and down Pablo really grinds onto Shane. Loving every second, he’s happy to let him enjoy the ride! Both guys burst all over each other in a hot sticky ending.

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