Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble

Description: Super hot ripped hung muscle lads Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble work up a real sweat in this amazing video, sucking deep on each others big meaty dicks.. then Shane works on Calebs hole before pounding him hard in three positions, then spunking over his six pack.. Unmissable.Both Shane Stone and Caleb Ramble have awesome bodies, but Shane is looking seriously ripped and alot more muscled than when we last saw him, with some killer abs .. and both lads are keen to get a really good feel of each others physiques in their shiny sports kit, kissing and groping, rubbing each others pecs and biceps, before getting a good grope of each others bulges..The lads look rock hard in their shorts, and their bulges look really big too.. they take off their vests, and Caleb licks and sucks on Shanes firm nipples whilst rubbing his stiffie, then they swap and Shane gives Calebs chest some attention. they kiss some more, then Shane pushes Caleb down onto his knees..Caleb grips Shanes hardon through the fabric of his shorts, before puling them down, then savours the sight of his stiffie straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton boxers, getting a good feel.. unable to hold back anymore, he pulls down Shanes undies, and his dick springs out.. its big, meaty, strong veins on it, and uncut with plenty of foreskin.. a really hot cock.. Caleb gets to work sucking on it, and clearly likes to get a dick as far down his throat as he can, and he gets right into some intense deep sucking, with Shane pushing his meat right to the back of his throat, fucking his mouth. Caleb pulls his dick out of shorts, and its rock hard, and super thick. If you like girth, youre gonna love these two lads, both have really thick cocks. After some very strong sucking from Caleb, Shane gets down onto his knees, they kiss and jerk each other off, then Caleb leans back against the sofa and Shane lays down between his legs to show off his own oral skills.. and he sucks that fat dick really well, spitting on it, getting it good and wet, jerking him off then sucking deep and slow.. Caleb sucks Shane again, they cant get enough of each others hot cocks, then he gets onto the sofa on his back, arse on the edge, facing us, legs back, pushing his throbbing dick straight up. Shane kneels between his legs, taking hold of his cock to suck on it, and with the other hand, he starts rubbing his finger against Calebs smooth hole making him moan with pleasure..Shane gently pushes his finger in, and keeps sucking, starting to slide his finger in and out as he sucks.. then he pushes in a second finger, to really stretch that hole.. Calebs cock throbs as he gets fingered and sucked by horny Shane, who is now very eager to get his cock inside that hot hole..For the first position, Caleb leans against the sofa, legs apart, pushing his muscular arse out. Shane, standing behind him, teases his hole, rubbing his cock against it, then slowly pushes in the tip.. Caleb makes some very horny noises as it goes in, filling his arse, and Shane starts off really slow, almost pulling all the way, then easing it all the way back in again, making it really horny and intense for Caleb. Shane gets into some good regular fucking now, gripping him as he fucks him, building up more and more till he is giving that muscle butt a major pounding. Next, Shane is on his back the floor, with Caleb sitting astride him, kneeling, rubbing his arse against Shanes cock, then easing it back in.. as it fills his arse once more, he leans forward to kiss Shane, who begins thrusting his meat into his butt.. Shane grips his arse cheeks firmly, pulling them apart, giving us really graphic shots of his cock as it rams in and out of of Calebs arse. Shane gives him such a major pounding here, one of the hardest ive shot in a while.. its really full on. Not quite ready to shoot yet, Shane gives Caleb a final fucking, and has him laying on his back on the sofa, with Shane kneeling between his legs. He pushes his girthy cock back inside Calebs hot hungry hole, and gets right back into some hard powerful fucking.. he keeps it controlled though now, showing us plenty of length as he gets Caleb close to the point of orgasm as he starts to play with his fat meaty throbbing cock..Unable to hold off any longer, Caleb starts to jerk himself off hard as Shane pounds away at his hole, and pretty soon his dick is spurting thick white jizz over his sweaty abs.. Shane continues fucking him as Caleb squeezes out the last few drops, then he pulls out, whipping off the condom, and starts to beat away at his meat.. second later, Shanes big dick starts squirting out hot white spunk, shooting hard, and plenty of it, adding to the cum already on Calebs abs and chest.. Its such a great cum shot, we see it twice, in real time and again in slow motion, as it pumps out creamy spunk.. cum soaked Caleb takes hold of Shanes dick to squeeze out the last few drops as the lads catch their breath.

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